New Inventory: Coming Soon


Okay, so admittedly we’re not getting a whole semi trailer of new stock in (yet…), but we do have some new products in the works and we’re looking forward to being able to offer you more. Unfortunately, it does take some time for everything to arrive at our office and be processed and ready for sale, but keep an eye out for the following things over the next few weeks to months:

  • Silicone Beads: Silicone beads are most commonly used in baby teething jewelry (also known as “chewelry”). Our silicone beads are 100% FDA compliant and come in a variety of fun colours. We’re starting with 15mm spheres and 17mm icosahedrons (20 sided shape), but we’ll be adding different sizes and shapes in the future.
  • Adhesive Vinyl Sheets: adhesive vinyl comes in flat sheets which is then cut using a plotter (like Cricut or Silhouette) or a die cutting machine (like Sizzix or Spellbinders) or paper punch to create custom decals. Decals can then be applied to almost any surface. Our adhesive vinyl will be appropriate for most interior and exterior uses and will be water and weather resistant, although it is not considered suitable for surfaces that will come into contact with food. We’re starting with black, white, and silver glossy finish, but we’ll be adding different colours in the future.
  • Jingle Cones: Jingle cones are used in Indigenous art, clothing, and accessories (most commonly the “Jingle Dress”). Our jingle cones will be made by Anishinaabe Bimishimo, which is the only Canadian manufacturer of jingle cones and a proudly Indigenous owned and operated manufacturer. We will be starting with pre rolled traditional tin/nickel coloured cones in children’s (1+3/4″) and adults (2+5/8″) standard sizes, but will add more products in the future.
  • Tibetan Silver Charms: Tibetan silver charms are most commonly used in fashion jewelry and come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Our Tibetan Silver charms (Actual composition of charms includes copper/nickel/zinc) are “silver look” and do not contain actual silver. Also not included is lead. There’s over 200 assorted charms on the way, so it’s pretty difficult to describe what we’re starting with, but we tried to get a wide variety to suit any preference. Charms will be sold in groups of 3 – 10, depending on size and style and we’ll be stocking new ones as often as possible.
  • Polymer Clay: Polymer clay is used for sculpting and is very commonly used to create custom jewelry. Our polymer clay is non-toxic, but also not edible or FDA approved (so don’t use for projects that will come into contact with food, wash your hands after modelling, and don’t leave children unattended). We’re starting with oven bake polymer clay in a variety of colours, but will be adding air dry clay in the future.
  • Picture Cabochons: Picture cabochons are either glass or resin dome shaped cabochons featuring a picture on the bottom and are most commonly used in jewelry and accessories (such as “bottlecap necklaces” and bead embroidery). We’ll be starting with standard premade cabochons, but are looking into the possibility of offering custom picture options in the future.
  • Semi-precious gemstone beads: Semi-precious gemstone beads are most commonly used in jewelry and accessories and have been made extremely popular recently with essential oil diffuser jewelry. Our gemstone and stone beads are sourced from a well established and reputable manufacturer to ensure authenticity and quality. We’re starting with 6mm black lava beads, as well as amethyst, garnet, onyx, jade, rose quartz, cats eye, blue goldstone (synthetic**), and aventurine, but will be adding a variety of styles and sizes in the future.

So that’s what we have in the works for the near future, although we are definitely working on expanding our product line even further. If there’s anything you need that isn’t in stock or on our list of up and coming, send us a message or email to let us know what you’re looking for.

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** Important note: goldstone is not actually a stone or naturally occurring material. While commonly referred to as a semi-precious stone or gemstone, goldstone is actually a synthetic material made from glass and metal. As such, we are making note that the blue goldstone is a synthetic material (because all goldstone is a synthetic material), even though we are categorizing the blue goldstone with the gemstone beads.

March Update:

We will keep you updated as the year continues so make sure to check in often and follow our social media. We can’t wait to start posting updates on our progress.


It’s halfway through March already and we’ve been super busy so far this year. The business plan is finally solidified and we’ve been working with business mentors through SEED Winnipeg for the past two months to help us scale our company and get ready for the grand opening of our Winnipeg Distribution Center. We’re projecting that doors will open in January 2020, so now it’s just a matter of securing the financing and spreading the word.

We’ve set up an Indiegogo Campaign, which you can find in the sidebar of our site or click this link. And you can now follow us on Facebook too. Don’t forget to share our links with your friends and family so everyone can stay updated.

So what will our distribution center look like? We haven’t actually secured a location yet, but we’re looking at 3000 to 7000 square feet of craft supplies and will be carrying in store about $100000 worth of stock at all times. We’ve identified the following categories as being our main store sections, but we’ll update as we go along so please leave a comment if you think of any we haven’t identified yet.

Art Supplies
Jewelry Making
Knitting & Crochet
Sewing & Textiles
Beading & Embroidery

We will keep you updated as the year continues so make sure to check in often and follow our social media. We can’t wait to start posting updates on our progress.