About Us

Mission Statement

Philomath Crafts and Supplies is dedicated to supporting the handmade community and improving the lives and businesses of artists and entrepreneurs by providing affordable and accessible tools and supplies and creating a culture of creativity, intelligence, and balance as keys to success.

What is Philomath Crafts?

Philomath Crafts and Supplies is a wholesale and retail craft supply store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We are committed to supporting the Crafting Community as well as encouraging and facilitating artistic learning and growth.

Originally created to support the Winnipeg handmade community, Philomath Crafts and Supplies began its journey online through the Etsy marketplace in September of 2017. Offering a variety of vastly different products, with discounted options for professional crafters, allowed us to support many different types home based business crafters. Throughout the years we have endeavored to expand our product line continuously, with emphasis on traditionally difficult to find supplies and tools.

Since its launch, Philomath Crafts has been steadily growing with satisfied customers across Canada. In January of 2019, we look forward to returning to the local Manitoba market with the opening of our new office at 91 Albert street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Although our office will not be open to the public, we are looking forward to being able to provide pop up shops and workshops throughout the year.

About the Owner

Jamie Lee has worked closely with the public for many years. After three years as the lead Customer Service Representative at Shapes Fitness Centers, she decided to venture into the world of home based businesses. She spent two years as a home party consultant for a direct sales company.

As an avid crafter, with a passion for marketing, Jamie then decided to try making and selling her own handmade products at local craft sales and markets. Over the years, Jamie has attempted several different types of crafting businesses, including natural cosmetics, children’s products, jewelry, and home decor.

Throughout these attempts it became more and more apparent that no matter what type of product a crafter makes to sell, many of the challenges remained the same. One of the greatest challenges was always finding locally available, quality supplies, at a reasonable cost that allows for sale of the finished product without having to choose between higher selling prices or minimal profits.

With this in mind, she founded Philomath Crafts and Supplies to support other crafters in following their dreams.

Jamie is looking forward to developing and presenting our future workshop series on home based business crafting. She has been independently studying marketing since 2005, specializing in advertising and brand development. She has completed Business Communication 1 and Report Writing through RRC and has also received a Production Art certificate from MITT and a Creative Sewing and Crafts Instructor certificate from IOA.