April Update: Breaking Up With Etsy

Hello Everyone,We’ve recently made the decision to close our Etsy shop and move our ecommerce to Shopify and that’s been generating some questions from our followers. So I wanted to take a minute here to outline how and why we’ve come to this decision and where we’re going from here.For starters, I want to say that this transition has been a long time coming. As the Owner/Operator of Philomath Crafts and Supplies, I make all of the major decisions and, as most people who know me can attest to, I am not a super “up-to-the-minute” tech-y kind of person. I’m not a huge fan of new devices, apps, programs, and tech in general and when I find something that works for me I stick with it for as long as I can.That being said, Etsy was “working” for us since we opened shop in September, 2017. Throughout 2018 there were a lot of billing, financial, and policy updates that smashed through the Seller Community like a shockwave and we at Philomath Crafts were mostly unaffected for one key reason: We do not subscribe to “Promoted Listings”, shipping through Etsy, or any other add-on services.I have heard some really terrible stories regarding Etsy billing updates in 2018, mostly surrounding sales revenue and fees. The billing updates were all clearly geared towards making sure Etsy gets paid for absolutely every service as soon as possible, with whatever is leftover going to the sellers eventually. Since Philomath Crafts and Supplies did not ever subscribe to promoted listings, shipping services, or any other “add-ons” to make selling easier, we never really owed them very much to begin with.That being said, I’ve noticed over the past few months that listing on Etsy is more expensive than it used to be, even without “add-ons”, and I’m just not seeing the benefit on a per item/sale basis either for us or our customers.From our side, we pay a $0.20 listing fee for every listing that goes up, regardless of whether or not it sells. Now while it’s possible to add variants to a listing so that multiple “types” of the same product can be listed at once, I’ve never been particularly happy with how those variants can be entered and differentiated, so most of our products are in separate listings (with a $0.20 fee for each one). This means that many of our in stock products never even make it to Etsy, or are there for only one “listing cycle”, because if they are less likely to be popular, or if there are too many variants, or if shipping costs is likely to discourage sales it just isn’t worth listing. So, essentially, when a customer views our Etsy shop they are really only seeing a fraction of what we have to offer.Once a product is chosen to actually be listed, if we assume that a listing goes up with a quantity of 10 in stock, and one is purchased the next day a $0.20 “renewal” fee is deducted. This is because the “listing” was sold, even though the remaining nine were part of the original listing, so the listing needs to be “renewed” with the new quantity. Two days later another two sell and we see another $0.20 “renewal” fee for the second sale, plus a $0.20 “multi-quantity” fee. These, by the way are in addition to the transaction fees (% of order total) and shipping fees (% of order total). And, as previously stated, Etsy has literally nothing to do with our shipping so I don’t even really understand why we pay a shipping fee, but it’s in the fees we agreed to pay through Etsy so we pay it.I’m not usually one to complain about fees and, considering we do get sales through the Etsy Marketplace, I kind of figure these fees are worth it for the additional exposure/advertising we receive. However, Over the past four months in particular I’ve noticed that our customers aren’t particularly satisfied either. We’ve seen an increase in the number of customers asking for custom listings to combine shipping costs, or ask for a product that was mentioned in our social media but not listed on Etsy. I am more than happy to set up custom listings, but I am also aware that for everyone one customer that takes the time to message and arrange for a custom listing, there are likely several that don’t.So, I decided it was finally time to look at other options…I’ve been resisting looking at Shopify for a while now, because I don’t like monthly subscription fees. With the lowest possible plan from Shopify costing $9 per month (and I mean LOWEST as in there are so few features here…), it’s a big commitment to make the switch. Price comparatively, we could set up 145 listings per month on Etsy for the same monthly cost as basic Shopify, so it’s a little hard to justify until you really start looking into the features and benefits…I signed up for the Shopify 14-day free trial and, honestly, I am extremely happy with it so far. I’m using a combination of desktop and mobile to enter products into our new shop and it’s very user friendly. I am having a little bit of trouble with catalog/collections organizations, but I think I’ll get the hang of it eventually (this is me, not being tech-y). They have some pretty cool basic (as in free) themes and the themes are easy to customize to get a website look in keeping with our brand.Testing out the check-out/shopping features went pretty well too. Shopify is automatically calculating shipping “at checkout” for customers at what appears to be no additional cost to us and their shipping rates appear to be pretty accurate to actual shipping costs from I’ve seen in the past. This is a HUGE benefit for our customers, since Etsy has always calculated shipping per listing in our shop and totaled separate charges up at the end, which often resulted in the customer being charged upwards of 2-3 times what it should cost to ship.But here is my absolutely favourite part: Shopify is multi-platform. All of the products that have been entered into our ecommerce website will automatically be available to buy direct from philomathcrafts.com, or Facebook, or Instagram once we’re all set up. And if someone purchases the last item in stock from Instagram at 1:35am (cause, you know, shopping), and then someone tries to order the same item from our website at 1:36am, it’s no longer in stock. Plus, with Shopify POS I can make sales in person, accept cash payment, and those sold products are instantly deducted across all selling platforms so they don’t accidentally double-sell.This is a HUGE benefit for us as we had planned to put our Etsy shop “on vacation” during pop up shops and then manually re-enter quantities afterwards to adjust for inventory sold in person. Up until now we’ve had our own inventory tracking system for inventory “in-house” that had to be manually updated every time an Etsy sale was made. Although rare, we have had some occasions in the past where a product was purchased on Etsy shortly after having been purchased in person or through direct message on Facebook, resulting in a cancelled sale and a confused/frustrated customer.Now I’m not saying that Shopify is perfect, or even that it is going to go well for us, but the initial outlook seems pretty good and I think this will be a good move, both for Philomath Crafts and our customers. I also don’t have anything personal against Etsy and we’re not breaking up on “bad terms” or anything like that. We had a good run on Etsy, with 112 sales and many five-star reviews, but it’s just time for us to grow and move forward.All in all, I think Etsy is an okay platform for starting out, testing the market, and building a customer base, but I just don’t see it as an ecommerce “solution”.

New Inventory: Coming Soon


Okay, so admittedly we’re not getting a whole semi trailer of new stock in (yet…), but we do have some new products in the works and we’re looking forward to being able to offer you more. Unfortunately, it does take some time for everything to arrive at our office and be processed and ready for sale, but keep an eye out for the following things over the next few weeks to months:

  • Silicone Beads: Silicone beads are most commonly used in baby teething jewelry (also known as “chewelry”). Our silicone beads are 100% FDA compliant and come in a variety of fun colours. We’re starting with 15mm spheres and 17mm icosahedrons (20 sided shape), but we’ll be adding different sizes and shapes in the future.
  • Adhesive Vinyl Sheets: adhesive vinyl comes in flat sheets which is then cut using a plotter (like Cricut or Silhouette) or a die cutting machine (like Sizzix or Spellbinders) or paper punch to create custom decals. Decals can then be applied to almost any surface. Our adhesive vinyl will be appropriate for most interior and exterior uses and will be water and weather resistant, although it is not considered suitable for surfaces that will come into contact with food. We’re starting with black, white, and silver glossy finish, but we’ll be adding different colours in the future.
  • Jingle Cones: Jingle cones are used in Indigenous art, clothing, and accessories (most commonly the “Jingle Dress”). Our jingle cones will be made by Anishinaabe Bimishimo, which is the only Canadian manufacturer of jingle cones and a proudly Indigenous owned and operated manufacturer. We will be starting with pre rolled traditional tin/nickel coloured cones in children’s (1+3/4″) and adults (2+5/8″) standard sizes, but will add more products in the future.
  • Tibetan Silver Charms: Tibetan silver charms are most commonly used in fashion jewelry and come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Our Tibetan Silver charms (Actual composition of charms includes copper/nickel/zinc) are “silver look” and do not contain actual silver. Also not included is lead. There’s over 200 assorted charms on the way, so it’s pretty difficult to describe what we’re starting with, but we tried to get a wide variety to suit any preference. Charms will be sold in groups of 3 – 10, depending on size and style and we’ll be stocking new ones as often as possible.
  • Polymer Clay: Polymer clay is used for sculpting and is very commonly used to create custom jewelry. Our polymer clay is non-toxic, but also not edible or FDA approved (so don’t use for projects that will come into contact with food, wash your hands after modelling, and don’t leave children unattended). We’re starting with oven bake polymer clay in a variety of colours, but will be adding air dry clay in the future.
  • Picture Cabochons: Picture cabochons are either glass or resin dome shaped cabochons featuring a picture on the bottom and are most commonly used in jewelry and accessories (such as “bottlecap necklaces” and bead embroidery). We’ll be starting with standard premade cabochons, but are looking into the possibility of offering custom picture options in the future.
  • Semi-precious gemstone beads: Semi-precious gemstone beads are most commonly used in jewelry and accessories and have been made extremely popular recently with essential oil diffuser jewelry. Our gemstone and stone beads are sourced from a well established and reputable manufacturer to ensure authenticity and quality. We’re starting with 6mm black lava beads, as well as amethyst, garnet, onyx, jade, rose quartz, cats eye, blue goldstone (synthetic**), and aventurine, but will be adding a variety of styles and sizes in the future.

So that’s what we have in the works for the near future, although we are definitely working on expanding our product line even further. If there’s anything you need that isn’t in stock or on our list of up and coming, send us a message or email to let us know what you’re looking for.

And don’t forget to follows us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest news as products become available or check out our shop to order in stock products.


** Important note: goldstone is not actually a stone or naturally occurring material. While commonly referred to as a semi-precious stone or gemstone, goldstone is actually a synthetic material made from glass and metal. As such, we are making note that the blue goldstone is a synthetic material (because all goldstone is a synthetic material), even though we are categorizing the blue goldstone with the gemstone beads.

March Update:

We will keep you updated as the year continues so make sure to check in often and follow our social media. We can’t wait to start posting updates on our progress.


It’s halfway through March already and we’ve been super busy so far this year. The business plan is finally solidified and we’ve been working with business mentors through SEED Winnipeg for the past two months to help us scale our company and get ready for the grand opening of our Winnipeg Distribution Center. We’re projecting that doors will open in January 2020, so now it’s just a matter of securing the financing and spreading the word.

We’ve set up an Indiegogo Campaign, which you can find in the sidebar of our site or click this link. And you can now follow us on Facebook too. Don’t forget to share our links with your friends and family so everyone can stay updated.

So what will our distribution center look like? We haven’t actually secured a location yet, but we’re looking at 3000 to 7000 square feet of craft supplies and will be carrying in store about $100000 worth of stock at all times. We’ve identified the following categories as being our main store sections, but we’ll update as we go along so please leave a comment if you think of any we haven’t identified yet.

Art Supplies
Jewelry Making
Knitting & Crochet
Sewing & Textiles
Beading & Embroidery

We will keep you updated as the year continues so make sure to check in often and follow our social media. We can’t wait to start posting updates on our progress.

New year, new beginnings.

Happy new year everyone. I hope 2018 was good to you all and if it wasn’t then at least we can be happy it’s over now. This upcoming year is going to be a huge one for us at Philomath Crafts and Supplies. We have officially moved into our new office in the exchange district in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

While our office will not be open to the public on a regular basis, we are planning on hosting several open house events throughout the year, which will include a pop up shop for in person purchasing. We don’t have any specific dates set yet, but we’ll keep you updated as we go.

We are also planning on expanding our product line once again. We’ve always focused on finding the most difficult to find craft supplies, to make supply purchases easier and more affordable for small business crafters. Our current product line includes mostly yarn and textile craft supplies, but soon we’ll be adding a collection of jewelry supplies and cosmetic supplies. We also hope nearing the end of the year to add a small collection of crafting kits, which will include everything you need to try out a new craft. Stay tuned for more details.

And our final goal for 2019 is to set up a series of workshops for small business crafters, including topics like product pricing, social media marketing, donations and promotional expenses like samples, networking, and much more. We’re still in the development phase for these workshops, but hoping to have more information before summer.

This year is going to be a lot of work here at Philomath Crafts, but we’re certain it will be a lot of fun to. We look forward to connecting with and supporting the local Manitoba crafting community more as we grow and expand.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @philomathcraft for the latest updates and exciting news throughout the year.

Here’s wishing you and yours an absolutely amazing 2019. Good luck with your new year’s goals and don’t forget to have fun along the way. Happy new year everyone.

Happy Holidays

It’s a beautiful winter day in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the world seems relatively peaceful. The craziness of the holidays is mostly over and hopefully you’ve all had a productive and profitable December.

While many of you have children and day jobs and other business to attend to still, even with Christmas behind us, we want to remind you to take a moment and reflect on your past year. Remember the good times and allow those positive feelings to wash over you. Remember the difficult times and feel your strength from pulling through those obstacles. Remember your goals from the past year, celebrate your achievements, evaluate what changes you have or should make to those goals, and look forward to the new opportunities to reach your goals next year.

Happy holidays everyone and may 2019 be wonderful and amazing for you all. Always remember you are strong, you are capable, and you can make your dreams come true.